We have been trusted cyber security advisors to the world’s biggest companies, and we continue to grow…

Web Application Security

You get a comprehensive evaluation and assessment for the gullibility of the system which is based on industry-accepted penetration testing approaches (for example, NIST SP800-115)

Vulnerability Assessment

We conduct various tests to identify the risk of attacks coming from an external source. Calculate all vulnerabilities and possible successful breakthrough.

e-Commerce Security

Online stores are a key target of hackers and quality protection is of utmost importance. Our goal is to stop all kind of financial data leak or damage.

DDoS Mitigation & WAF

We can protect your IT infrastructure against DDoS attacks and downtime.Our company takes website security seriously and we can handle any DDoS attack.

WebSite Recovery & Incident Response

Our experts will check, clean and restore from viruses, malicious code, backdoors and all kind of other code that could harm you, your visitors and web applications.

Network Penetration Testing

In the course of security network penetration testing, our team will probe your organisations computer and network defences, and will then attempt to breach them.

Server Penetration Testing

Our team can test your servers internal/external (with or without information) to detect all misconfiguration’s, vulnerabilities, firewall issues. After all we will harden the system.

Advanced Threat Intelligence

We will harden your systems and additionally put advanced intrusion detection and prevention systems with big data based threat intelligence solutions for better protection.

Looking for SECURITY Consulting?

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