Clean up and restoration of compromised web applications and servers

Our team will audit and secure your CMS installations and protect it from hackers

PXLSecurity is the best company offering Content Management Services (Joomla and WordPress), security protection, vulnerability assessment and Information Technology (IT) security services. The company’s highly experienced team of professionals ensures that customers get the best Content Management security services for both Joomla and WordPress sites, in addition we ensure that the website is free from all kind of attacks (SQLi,XSS,DDoS,BruteForce,etc) by offering the best security solutions and IT services.

Content management System (CMS)

Our technical team provides Joomla and WordPress security services and we can audit, protect, defend your content and databases against infection and all kind of attacks. Moreover we can organize, delete and maintain the site remotely. Thus if your website contain blogs and news our professionals teamwork will ensure that the content is protected effectively.

We know that every company is different and requires the best solution for them. That’s why we provide both Joomla and WordPress security for customers to choose their best solution. The company provides a perpetual license model to enable the customer to purchase and install the CMS software. In addition, our reliable and professional staff takes the responsibility to install and maintain CMS Firewalls and protections. Also, we ensure constant upgrade of the software to keep it update. We guarantee functionality of the CMS to ensure value for the customer’s money. The services are pocket friendly and of high quality.

Security and protection

We endeavour to protect your website against malicious attacks. Those attacks are an big threat to websites. With our protection, our team ensures that your online business is protected against cyber terrorists and hackers thus increasing the business revenue. Security of your website is very important and our company is committed to ensure it is highly protected since success of any online business depends on the security of your website.

The company offers hack mitigation and detection to protect the site. Our staff monitors traffic flow of packages to the website and provide report in time. Moreover, the system administrators can monitor the server for 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The system is used to watch the traffic which appear malicious in nature to the site. When a server is detected to be under attack, an action is executed to block traffic thus stopping the attack.

Information Technology

The company provides high quality and up to date IT security services. Our staff is ready to help in the improvement of the customer’s online business by offering the best solutions to them. Therefore, we help customers in enterprise resource planning and providing the best and efficient programming and installation services.ous

To sum up, we empower our customers to go past the obvious and embrace the impossible. With this kind of spirit imagine what kind of services that we offer to empower your online business.

If your sites become victims of hackers, you can contact us immediately. Our experts will check, clean and restore it from viruses, malicious code, backdoors and all kind of other code that could harm you, your visitors and web applications.

Malware cleanup

In many cases, we’ve seen that a site can be silently compromised for weeks, or even months, before the hackers make use of their hacked backdoor and you realize there is a problem.

Express service. Back up everything on the server, or provide us access and we will take care of the rest.
Professionalism. Our specialists will analyze , scan and identify the problem and fix it without affecting the normal workings of the server.
Speed. Contact us as quickly as possible to minimize the risk of losses.
Secure. Your files will be in safe hands. And we will clean all malicious code.

We work with all kind of systems. Malware cleanup service includes:

– Clean up malware from CMS(Joomla / WordPress / Drupal / others)
– Clean up malware from eCommerce (OpenCart / OsCommerce / others)
– Clean up malware from Custom Applications
– Clean up malware from databases (MySQL,MSSQL,Postgresql/Oracle)
– Clean up malware from web servers (Apache/IIS/nginx/Oracle HTTP Server)

Procedure that runs our service for malware cleanup is as follows:

1. Send us your files in .rar/.zip/.Tar.gz2 format. Alternatively, you can provide us with FTP access to the server and we can pull them yourself. We prefer the second option because is faster and more successable
2 . Using our internally developed system will extract the archive in a secure folder.
3 . Start manual and automatic scanning to identify all possible malware codes. Create Report and evaluation of discovered vulnerabilities.
4 . Clean and repair the breaches so that your site can be as clean of malware.
5 . By customer request, we offer protection of sites to prevent future infections and hacker intrusion.
6 . Back up the files and send them back.