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Here we are sharing Frequently Asked Questions about our services and solutions, from our clients. Security is a very important concern and this is especially true when it comes to websites and servers. In order to fulfill this security need two critical services can be found, they are Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.

What is a Vulnerability Assessment exactly?

It is a service where a variety of cutting edge tools are used in order to find possible exploits in a server or websites. From open ports to non-optimized and unsecured code. Vulnerability scanners are just some of the aforementioned tools and they are created by experts for security professionals. Other techniques which our team provides are manual pen-testing.

What is the definition of Penetration Testing?

It is a service performed on servers or websites, usually in conjunction with a Vulnerability Assessment where the found vulnerabilities are separated into those that can create harm and those that cannot. This is followed by a thorough ethical attack where the severity and risk of these vulnerabilities is tested in a real scenario and in order to protect the business.

Who is the most qualified personnel to perform these services?

IT personnel with advanced security training and deep understandings in ethical hacking, penetration testing and security auditing of applications and infrastructure.

What are the risks of not performing these services?

Although many individuals hire teams like ours for the many benefits it provides and because it is part of a complete implementation of good planning. Other individuals realize how much they can lose if they don’t take action. As an example of this, a malicious attacker can erase every single record in a database along with application files. This may break havoc in any business, especially if there isn’t a professional emergency plan in place. After this happens the services are still required since they are the only way to avoid the situation from happening again.

My code is already secured and my IT staff is knowledgeable, why would I need this service?

Although most businesses have standard security measures in place there are many possible failure points such as legacy applications, third-party vendor services along with custom made software. All the flaws found in these elements can be easily protected after the assessment and testing.

Is there another reason why my business needs these services?

Yes, and a very important one. In order to fulfil full compliance requirements from FISMA to PCI you can do it faster with these services. A great reputation, secured customer data and the protection of internal systems are the final and much sought after results.

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