Factors to Consider When Choosing The Right VAPT Testing Vendor

Penetration testing for any company’s system involves a lot of integrity matters of that organization; this applies to important features like website and related systems. It’s about testing on whether important and highly secure systems are fully fraud and foul proof, the test is usually carried on company’s websites and secure system like for a financial institutions. It can be also termed as an attack in any computer security system with an intention of finding where weak points are. If the test gains access to its data and functionality then it means as more secure system has to be created, it usually watches on things like hacking or security breakage. The test main objective is to determine or assess if the system is prone to any cyber-attack or hacking.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right VAPT company:

a) Focus on knowledge more than the certification:
Penetration testing is more about individual’s skills and knowledge rather than a company’s certification, so one important factor to be considered here is about the knowledge of an individual. Specialized companies in the field put more emphasis on skills and experience than on certification. So it’s better to seek for such companies which are skilled and specialized in the niche, more value is laid on skills of an individual over just general company’s certification.

b) Dependability and trustworthiness of a given company:
This is another important factor to look for when choosing the right vapt company, the company should be having a history of being dependable, and this can be determined by how their clients talk about them and general feedback. Company’s sensitive data and it security services needs to be accessed only be a trusted company, the question of integrity has to arise here on matters of great magnitude. This can be assessed by looking at their past records and the companies they have served before, in fact, this factor is very important and should be handled with utmost care. The company will have to get through all your security systems, data and all your backbone structures which require a lot of caution to be observed.

c) Analyze and evaluate the technology achievement of the company:
Looking for technology achievement of a particular vendor before a penetration test is very important; many companies just do penetration testing as aside business. Besides the practice they have other core values or practices, such companies are not likely to good in their work when it comes to advanced pen tests. You are better of looking for vendors with excellence in that category only, they mostly resort to then use of open source and certain script without a deeper knowledge on the matter. Check whether the vendor has the essential tools to carry out the exercise, is the company respected in technology circles or community. And check if the company is involved in the disclosures of vulnerable products on the subject matter.

Dependability of a vendor:

More attention has to be focused on how the company is carrying out the process, important aspects like how they store data and in which gadgets is very important factors to consider. As for references from friends and reputable companies on which vendors to consult on the idea, it’s always good to interview many vendors about the matter so that you can choose the right company. Hypothetical questions and practical question regarding their system should be asked, questions should touch on the following to determine their authenticity;

1) How do they store the data.
2) What is their security policy in general?
3) How do they recruit their workforce, which process do they apply.
4) How are they being indemnified, the clauses on the matter.
5) Insurance procedure of the company in question.

Turnaround time and flexibility:

In many instances testing many is done during off peak working hours or any other times, it’s better to use the services of only the company which can conform to flexible testing hours. The vendor should be able to work on your pen test at very short notice, the company which can be notified in advance to do the test in real time; in general flexibility during the time of testing is very important when choosing the right vendor or company for vapt testing.

There are many other factors or criteria to be used, but the above will come in handy when choosing the right company to do the test in utmost confidentiality and truth worthiness.