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As needed, we provide quick, accurate consultations. We can communicate and explain to you what we are doing during the process.

Check the security level of your servers, networks, web services and applications.Write to us now an get a sample IT security / penetration testing report !

18M+Attacks Today
550K+Attacks Last Hour
937+Last Minute

About Us

We bring together professionals who are actively engaged in providing of innovative and quality security solutions. You get not only a professional service but also a reliable partner. The work can be done remotely and our main goal is to build strong and non-breakable information system for every kind of business. All services will be useful for you, also if you have problem with hackers or if you want to protect yourself in the best possible way. Very often hacked sites are infected with malware, backdoors and various types of viruses that often go unnoticed by the owners of those sites. We perfectly understand your needs, so we take each task as a personal cause for which to fight to build our mutual success.

Mission and Vision

To provide strong and competitive services and solutions for all customers. Also to protect and provide intelligence and help to defend from internal and external threats. Looking forward for strategic growth and expanding the business for creation of impressive and magnificent business value and pride for our clients, partners and friends. To become a trusted company whose work is competitive and reliable.

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Our Clients

We are listening our clients needs and giving tbem exactly what they want. This is the formula of any successful business.


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Send us your questions and get free consultation. We are listening our clients needs and giving them exactly what they want. This is the formula of any successful business.

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