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Check the security level of your servers, networks, web services and applications.Write us now an get a sample IT security / penetration testing report !


Your clients needs penetration testing service ? We can provide you white-labeled report with your logo for your customers !

About Us

PXLSecurity  specializes in penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, risk analysis and security consulting. Whether your web application is live or in development phase, we can provide the testing required to ensure that your application is secure.

We are the choice for many organizations from start-up businesses to medium enterprises to protect their systems from unauthorized access or manipulation by unauthorized users within and outside the company’s network.

Penetration Testing

According to OSSTM / ISSAF   OWASP / PCI DSS methodologies. We are testing either with no knowledge of the site (Black Box Testing) or with full disclosure of the topology and environment (White Box Testing). The test is carried out from the position of a potential attacker.

Mobile Penetration Testing

We detects and report you possible threats in your newly developed mobile application. We can detect and give you a solution and recommendation for fixing all vulnerabilities.

Fraud Prevention

Every year eCommerce fraud attempts grows up to 20%. Prevent them with our Machine Learning solution, that protects your online store from cyber criminals and fraud attempts.

DDoS Mitigation & WAF

Our company takes website security seriously and we can handle any DDoS attack. Let us protect your web applications via web application firewall. Defend against XSS, SQLi, LFI and other kind of attacks.

WebSite Recovery & Incident Response

Our experts will check, clean and restore from viruses, malicious code, backdoors and all kind of other code that could harm you, your visitors and web applications.

Network Penetration Testing

In the course of security network penetration testing, our team will probe your organisations computer and network defences, and will then attempt to breach them.

Server Penetration Testing

Our team can test your servers internal/external (with or without information) to detect all misconfiguration’s, vulnerabilities, firewall issues. After all we will harden the system.

EndPoint Protection

Protect your mobile/desktop systems with our innovative EndPoint solution. Stop advanced attacks, 0days, ransom-ware viruses, malware with completely new solution. More information soon…

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PXLSecurity completed the penetration testing job on time and were very thorough in their testing. They produced a quality report at the end of the job and overall we are very happy.

M. Inglis

We needed a quick view of the penetration risks on one of our sites. They were able to accomplish that very quickly and through their tools generate a well-written overview. Plan to use again.


Very quick to deliver the security audit I asked for. The report was detailed and comprehensive. I would have no hesitation in recommending a PXLSecurity Security audit to anyone. A+++


We hired PXLSecurity for a quick security assessment. Everything went fine, we got a well prepared report with the main security holes and PXL kindly offered to run a second test to verify that the security issues are now solved. The response was quick and the price fair. The only recommendation that I can give is to increase the social presence, specially for a security firm, being “visible” gives a lot more confidence on the customers. Overall PXLSecurity is totally recommended!

A. Del Rio

PXLSecurity has helped us with a number of security activities and we have always been very pleased with the quality and delivery. I would recommend you give them a shot to earn your business…I think they will.


Ivan and his team provide top-notch security services with a focus on making things right for their clients. I would highly recommend anyone looking for cyber consultants to give them a try.

G. Willis

Information and communication

This industry makes up 18.7% of the total attacks. Data theft is also common in this industry sector. Also breaching into a communication system allows hackers to impersonate company officials. IT Security is important part for all business organizations and newly developed applications.

Health and Social Services

The health industry covers 7.3% of all online attacks. A lot of medical organizations rely on apps to help their clients stay up to date with their records, gain access to content, schedule examinations and so on.  The line of work that this industry covers requires a lot of dedication when it comes to security.

Retail and Wholesale

The retail industry holds 6.6% of all online attacks. The whole concept of eCommerce is based on the premise that you can buy what you want, when you want, and that the item you bought will get to you fast and safe. If you can’t even offer proper security to cover this, you are not going to retain a lot of customers.


According to Kaspersky, 21% of companies working in the Manufacturing Industry have lost intellectual property in 2014. The most common source of the breach was Malware, and it is truly no wonder that the amount of breaches is so high when the industry accounts for 26.5% of the total attacks it also reigns as the most targeted one to date.