Keep your web application and sites secured from cyber criminals

Penetration Testing

According to OSSTM / ISSAF   OWASP methodologies, we are testing either with no knowledge of the site (Black Box Testing) or with full disclosure of the topology and environment (White Box Testing). The test is carried out from the position of a potential attacker.

Mobile Penetration Testing

We detects and report you possible threats in your newly developed mobile application. We can detect and give you a solution and recommendation for fixing all vulnerabilities.

Fraud Prevention

Every year eCommerce fraud attempts grows up to 20%. Prevent them with our Machine Learning solution, that protects your online store from cyber criminals and fraud attempts.

DDoS Mitigation & WAF

Our company takes website security seriously and we can handle any DDoS attack. Let us protect your web applications via web application firewall. Defend against XSS, SQLi, LFI and other kind of attacks.

Network Penetration Testing

In the course of security network penetration testing, our team will probe your organisations computer and network defences, and will then attempt to breach them.

WebSite Recovery & Incident Response

Our experts will check, clean and restore from viruses, malicious code, backdoors and all kind of other code that could harm you, your visitors and web applications.

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Europe enterprises lose data through targeted cyber attacks


increase of the cost of data breaches globally by 2019


records were exposed in 858 publicized breaches across sectors including financial, government, health care and education

You get not only a professional service but also a reliable partner. The work can be done remotely and our main goal is to build strong and non-breakable information system for every kind of business. All services will be useful for you, also if you have problem with hackers or if you want to protect yourself in the best possible way. We perfectly understand your needs, so take each task as a personal cause for which to fight to build our mutual success.


This is the most important part of all relationships. The great value of any business is to build trust and we deliver all of our services and solutions with honesty and integrity.

Security Awareness

Our aim is to work closely with your team. The goal in this value is that when we are working together you gain security awareness.

Continuous Improvement

Important part of our company is the continuous growth, expanding of services and creating a new areas of opportunities for our clients, employees, partners and friends.

Professional Methodology

Our penetration testing service provides a standardized methodology for scoping, planning, performing, reporting, and managing security and vulnerability assessment.


We work in partnership with all the major technology suppliers...

… to provide strong and competitive services and solutions for all customers. Also to protect and provide intelligence and help to defend from internal and external threads. Looking forward for strategic growth and expanding the business for creation of impressive and magnificent business value and pride for our clients, partners and friends. To become a trusted company whose work is competitive and reliable.


Have questions?

Send us your questions and get free consultation. We are listening our clients needs and giving them exactly what they want. This is the formula of any successful business.

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